Baptim of Clorinda

Art direction, Motion Design, Storyboard

In the beginning of 2017, Jérémie DoutreBaptiste Goudier and I had the great opportunity to work on this motion piece for the Centre des Monuments Nationaux.

Based on an antique tapestry from the epic poem Jerusalem Delivered, we had to animate the story of the Baptism of Clorinda and make it intelligible for children and families.

The video is currently projected next to the original tapestry in the castle of Châteaudun, in France.

— Still Frame :


baptism of clorinda cmn frame 1
baptism of clorinda cmn frame 2
baptism of clorinda cmn frame 3
baptism of clorinda cmn frame 4

— The Family :


Motion CMN Character design board

— Original tapestry "Le baptême de Clorinde "


CMN Original tapestry bapteme Clorinde

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