Smiley Loop

Art Direction, Motion Design, Sound Design


Among my new year resolutions, I decided do dedicate more time to personal experiments and projects, with the aim of exploring new workflows, new styles, or new techniques.
Today, I'm sharing with you one of these weekly projects in which I've tried out a new workflow. 

Here's the process :
After doing some sketches, I tried to make a loop experimenting with simple shapes and match cuts on After Effects. And only when I was happy with the animation I started to create the styleframes.

Then, I took screenshots of the ruff animation and started to paint on it on Photoshop. I wanted to explore a style with gradients and grain with saturated and warm colors.

Finally, back to After Effects, I animated the elements following the rhythm of the rough animation. I just had the sounds left to create, and there you go!

— Still Frame :


Rough Animation of the smiley with match cuts
Styleframe motion smiley 1
Styleframe design for the smiley animation
Styleframe design for the smiley animation
Exemples of motion design rigs for the smiley animation
Still frame not used for the project

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